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Plasma Slotted Screen

The structural characteristics of PSS

  1. Specially designed trapezoid slot shape: narrow outside and wide inside
    • The slot has the advantage of "self - cleaning"
    • The flow resistance is significantly reduced.
    • Good effects of sand control.
  2. The slot surface has anti-corrosion electro-chemical treatment by high frequency hardening at 8000HZ and 10000°C during machining process.
    • The slot surface has been generated a 0.1 ~ 0.2mm hardening and anti-corrosion layer.
    • High resistance to wearing and corrosion.
    • A longer service life than similar products.
  3. Characteristics of PSS Slot
    • High dimension accuracy of slotted width
    • Slot surface is smoother than other similar products'
    • No cutting holes at the slot ends.
  4. Size specification and application scope of PSS
    • Outside diameter of the liner (mm):50~219
    • Length of the liner (mm):1000~12000
    • Slot length (mm):60~120, Tolerance ± 1.00
    • Other specification is as per the clients’ requirements.
  5. Application scope

It can be applied to sand-control completion of horizontal well, side well drilling, branch well, and gravel pack well completion.